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Suspicious Minds. Born to Run. It’s a Sin. Running up that Hill.


These massive hit songs have one thing in common. The Middle 8.


By using this device, songwriters reflect on what’s happened so far, introduce a new dynamic and ratchet up the energy for a memorable finale. Just like great leadership, the Middle 8 demands impeccable timing, the courage to stick your neck out and the empathy to carry people with you in a bold new direction.


My coaching programmes help you find your own unique Middle 8. The stunning sequence that’s quintessentially you. That transports you from a world of self-doubt and frustration to one of confident resilience. Where you feel at ease, whichever one of your many hats you happen to be wearing.

There are two key phases in Middle 8 leadership coaching programmes.



  • Find out why those same old triggers make your stomach lurch and your head spin

  • Come to a better understanding of yourself

  • Uncover the gems hidden deep within that can really make your leadership shine 


  • Relocate your spark and bring it back front and centre.


  • Explore exciting new possibilities


  • Experiment with fresh behaviours


  • Create more meaningful mindsets


  • Learn how to lead with calm confidence, pep and passion to make everyone’s day, every day.

              Solo Sessions:
Leadership Coaching for Individuals

Middle 8 italic.png

Learn to bring the house down with a four-month programme designed around your specific needs and aspirations. You emerge from eight 90-minute coaching sessions with a clear way forward and a more confident and comfortable style of leadership. You’re better able to balance the competing needs of people and profit. We agree desired outcomes at the outset and make the most of existing data, including previous psychometric reports and 360 feedback. We check-in at the mid-way point to make sure that we keep building momentum right the way through.

Let’s turbo-charge your Discovery Phase by leaving no stone unturned in our bid to help you really hit the heights. We gather hot-off-the-press feedback from your key stakeholders via survey and/or interview. Personality assessments help us find hidden gems in your character and motivations to propel you forward. There’s an extra session to harness the power of our findings. A further option is work shadowing, where I observe you in action. This work deepens the foundations for the exciting changes ahead.

There’s the work you. And there’s the real you. Let’s fully understand and resolve the tensions between the two by spending time together outside the work environment. So that when you return, you’re bounding down the road towards just being…you. Whatever the circumstance, whatever the challenge.  An away-day with me provides a chance to unwind, relax and energise the parts of you that have been weighed down by the daily grind. We take perspective and find fresh inspiration for the journey ahead. Whether our chosen location is city, coast or countryside, there will be no distracting devices, and oodles of time and space. We’ll reconvene for a half-day at the end of the programme to cement your learnings, celebrate your successes and put the final coat of gloss on your new leadership style.

Leadership Coaching for Teams

Middle 8 italic.png

Let’s get the mandatory word-soup out of the way. Vision. Mission. Goals. Delivery. Feedback loops. Agile iteration. High performance. Real-time accountability. And all that jazz, ad infinitum. None of it helps very much. Let’s work instead on where it is that you want to get to, how you’re going to get there and how you can collectively make the journey as enjoyable as possible. So instead of going home in a fog of frustration you and your teammates can just tell your partners, your friends or the budgie what a great day you’ve had. How you’ve been inspired by your colleagues and felt able to give of your best. We’ll get you to this promised land by bringing clarity to who’s doing what and who decides what. By establishing boundaries and permissions for everyone to feel included and valued. By clearing any obstacles in how the team works together so that the path ahead is clear and compelling. We’ll develop a bespoke programme tailored to your specific circumstances, which will likely include 1-2-1 as well as all-team sessions.

Leadership Communication Coaching

Middle 8 italic.png

Dread public speaking? Think that leadership would be great if it weren’t for all the presentations and briefings? Learn to get your message across with elegance and panache, time and again. Find the confidence to really connect with people – whether you’re speaking at that big conference or standing your ground in a testy 121. Fine tune your vocal, verbal and visual communications skills over four 90-minute sessions. Peek below the surface and find the mindset to shake off uncertainty and give hesitancy the heave-ho. Land your point without sounding like you’ve swallowed the latest FAQ document so that your compelling communication paves the way for your leadership agenda. Feel the confidence flow, and relish that audience connection as you bound into the spotlight.


Calm and thoughtful insight


“Chris is a skilled and effective executive coach. Challenging - but with the tools and strategies to help achieve your objectives. I welcomed the calm and thoughtful insight he brought to our conversations.”


Jim Boyd, CEO, Equity Release Council

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