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Chris Wood, leadership coach

Being a leader doesn’t
have to feel so hard

A quote form John F Kennedy, saying 'leadership and learning are indispensable to each other/

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other"

John F. Kennedy

When was it that your dream of leadership turned into a cocktail of self-doubt and exhaustion?


One laced with soaring stretch targets and served on the rocks of cold commercial reality.


You have a minefield for a diary and a brain that’s in overdrive at 3am with everything from recruitment and
retention to pitches and procurement.

Chris Wood, leadership coach

Finally, lead with ease


I help you lead with a spring in your step so that head-spin doesn’t become tailspin.


You move forward with pep, vim and vigour. As a high achiever you finally get that oh-so-elusive sense of ease. That relaxed confidence that you’ll show up at your best whether you’re briefing the board - or putting the kids to bed.


I bring the medals and scars of my own board career, high-end coaching qualifications and the rigours of professional practice. I can’t make the hard work of leadership go away, but by working in partnership we transform your experience of it.


Purpose and passion will return to elbow out that looming sense of failure. And you’ll even get a thumbs-up from your harshest critic - the one that lives right inside your head. 


Calm and thoughtful insight


“Chris is a skilled and effective executive coach. Challenging - but with the tools and strategies to help achieve your objectives. I welcomed the calm and thoughtful insight he brought to our conversations.”


Jim Boyd, CEO, Equity Release Council

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