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For all the many rewards, leading teams and companies is a tough gig.


I spent two decades at board level in an industry undergoing seismic change. The world of public relations became unrecognisable from the one I joined as a graduate trainee. But I harnessed the winds of change to win blue-chip pitches and prestigious awards while advising senior clients at amazing businesses like Sony, British Airways, Sky and Vodafone.

I butted up against strong headwinds, too. I once lost a job after six pitch defeats on the trot. Then won the next six, only to see £1million of purchase orders rescinded on a single day during the financial crash. We came through a painful down-sizing process and bounced back with a singular focus on brilliant work and by making tough decisions quickly.

Today, I draw on all this practical experience to give you three vital things:


Time and space to think things through knowing that you can voice and vent in complete confidence.


Impartiality and an escape from vested interests.


Constructive challenge so that you don’t kid yourself and others.

My business experience is complemented by major-league coaching credentials.


Expert in what makes you tick


I trained to be a coach at Henley Business School in 2013, since when I have coached hundreds of emerging and evolving leaders. I’m an expert in the science of what makes people tick, thanks to my MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology. My evidence-based practice is governed by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, with which I am accredited as a Senior Practitioner.


At times, I might offer a mentor’s perspective, but that never gets in the way of a firm belief that the best answers are the ones you come to yourself.


My day is made when I get an e-mail from a client telling me about how they just wowed the board, had a difficult conversation they’ve been putting off for ages or took two weeks off without once checking their e-mail.


Away from work, I love to belt out a tune. Burying my hit-and-miss tenor in the perfect harmonies of a local choir. Or chanting from the terraces in support of Stoke City FC, who frankly need all the help they can get! 

The best answers are
the ones you come to yourself.


Calm and thoughtful insight


“Chris is a skilled and effective executive coach. Challenging - but with the tools and strategies to help achieve your objectives. I welcomed the calm and thoughtful insight he brought to our conversations.”


Jim Boyd, CEO, Equity Release Council

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