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Yearning to feel less stressed and more in control?

Feeling that in life’s game of pinball you’ve actually become the ball?

Then give your over-cooked brain a rest and join me in a guided exploration of your over-looked

nervous system, the hidden arbiter of your daily human experience.

Every minute, every second, your autonomic nervous system is on sentry duty, devotedly looking out for signs of safety or danger and gearing you up for the appropriate response. Let’s give yours a little fine-tuning to help you find the pathway to a more relaxed way of being.

In four 90-minute sessions you’ll discover:

  • How to transition to a more relaxed and controlled way of being

  • How to build resilience around your best self

  • How to minimise the triggers that send you into a downward spiral


  • How to spread a sense of calmness and inclusivity among your team to establish a
    supportive and productive environment

  • How to make sure that when life turns into a game of pinball, you’re the button
    presser and not the ball!

The Pinball Wizardry approach to feeling less stress and more in control is also available as a
workshop and/or short course for teams and groups. Please get in touch for further details.


Calm and thoughtful insight


“Chris is a skilled and effective executive coach. Challenging - but with the tools and strategies to help achieve your objectives. I welcomed the calm and thoughtful insight he brought to our conversations.”


Jim Boyd, CEO, Equity Release Council

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